Czech Republic – After the election is before the election, April 2013
POLICYCONSULTING on the economic policy of the Czech Republic
Hungary - The Hungarian way, October 2011
The Hungarian way out of the crisis: impact and outlook of the current economic reforms
Hungary - Reasons to worry?, April 2011
Recent actions by the Hungarian government give reasons to worry
POLICYCONSULTING on the Czech Republic, September 2010
New leadership: long-serving parties rebuffed / austerity programme expected by coalition
POLICYCONSULTING interviewed for the Deutsche Welle International, 12.4.2010
Nóra Szőke spoke to Jennifer Abramsohn for the Deutsche Welle International about Hungary's shift to the right in the parliamentary elections of April 2010
POLICYCONSULTING writes in the Ost-West-Contact, March 2010
New leadership, but what course? The Hungarian elections of 2010.
Populist politics in central and eastern Europe, and the risk for foreign investors, 27.11.2009
Populist politics in central and eastern Europe: a risk for foreign investors?
Risk minimization for investments abroad, 05.10.2009
The magazine "Berliner Wirtschaft" introduces POLICYCONSULTING in its October 2009 edition.
POLICYCONSULTING writes in the Credit Suisse Newsjournal, 30.07.2009
Successful Integration and Political Instability -
The Two Faces of the EU's Eastward Enlargement
Making politics predictable, 30.4.2009
The Chamber of Commerce Switzerland - Central Europe (SEC) presents a short portrait of POLICYCONSULTING in the April edition of the "SEC - INFO".
POLICYCONSULTING start-up of the month, 30.1.2009
The business magazine "Berlin Maximal" introduced in its February edition POLICYCONSULTING as the start-up of the month in Berlin's service sector.
POLICYCONSULTING interviewed for Radio Deutsche Welle Ukraine, 9.12.2008
Sacha de Wijs spoke to Yevgen Teyze for "Radio Deutsche Welle Ukraine". Topics included the formation of POLICYCONSULTING as well as politics as a "Market-Player" in central and eastern Europe.
Promoting potential entrepreneurs, 21.11.2007
POLICYCONSULTING awarded with "Herausforderung Unternehmertum":
Within the framework of "Herausforderung Unternehmertum", the "Heinz Nixdorf Stiftung" and the "Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft" (sdw) each year award business concepts and projects that advance entrepreneurial thinking and acting.
In 2008, the founding idea of POLICYCONSULTING was one of the five winning projects under the name "politikbestimmtdenmarkt".